Independent Films

5 Must-Watch Inspiring Indie Films

If you are looking for thrilling yet educative movies, then look to the east. Asian countries, specifically India, have the talent and the ability to develop a script from the weirdest idea.

The level of creativity to make inspiring films with a low budget gives them leverage, among others.

One peculiar thing about Indie films is the level of independence. These are individuals who can make a series without the financial back up of any studio, thanks to advanced technology.

The level of independence dictates the high level of freedom of expression through art.

Indie movies date back from time immemorial.

The films, from this part of the continent, have been in existence since time immemorial. In any cinema hall, Indie movies attract a broad audience.

Currently, we have digital platforms like NetFlix that shows the movies. The number of viewership for Indie movies is high.

Let’s focus on the five best Indie movies based on 2019 index

  1. The art of Self Defence

Riley Stearns, the scriptwriter, uses the 104-minute movie with comedy, humor, and storytelling tactics to drive the message home.

Released in 2019, the movie showcases a character attacked by a gang using motorcycles to carry out their activities.

This backdrop decides to join karate classes as a way of self-defense- the origin of the movie.

Sensei, his instructor, gives all the required skills, and he has all the confidence within the time.

The game-changer is in the night practice, which gives in yet another view of self-defense. The whole movie revolves around the use of masculinity for toxic and advances defense moves.

  1. Booksmart

Katie Silberman, the scriptwriter, talks about female friendship; its advantage and disadvantages in changing lifestyles.

The movie focuses on two sisters who feel they have worked so hard in their high school and now time to “enjoy life.”

 Their quest to explore, they go a notch further and overdo it. The fun they can have for years, they decide to explore in a night- the eve of their graduation in the name of sisterhood.

  1. The biggest little farm

If you are a lover of nature, then this is the movie for you. It is based on a couple – Molly and John Chester– who chose to stay in the countryside of LA.

The aim was too far away from the city in a different way. The movie looks at the traditional way of doing agriculture.

They kept animals and cultivated traditional foods. One peculiar thing about the movie is that the character is a professional who used their careers to ensure the movie got the best shots.

The cinematographer is specialized in food photography. Another character is renowned in wildlife photography, among others.

These diverse careers with talent in film productions explain the difference.

  1. Anima

Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of this movie, is a renowned film producer in the 21st century.

With several features on Netflix, the movie depicts the power of technology in creative art. At the beginning of the movie, the main character appears in train dresses like other train workers.

With the train moving to an unknown destination, at the end of the journey, they find themselves in Paris, yet they began the journey in the United Kingdom.

As they alight, he notices a woman; there is some chemistry between them. The woman leaves her handbag.

In a bid to catch the woman to handover the handbag, he is faced with stigma “thief.” He beats all odds, and the rest is history.

It is a thrilling movie that leaves you with more questions than answers. The level of emotions associated with the movie makes it a bestselling movie according to the 2019 index.