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Indie Film: What It’s All About

Indie films are also known as “Independent films,” and are produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies that aren’t part of a conventional studio system. The films’ marketing are usually characterized by limited release, unlike studio films. A typical indie film focuses on the story behind the film’s production as opposed to the visual effects and action sequences that enrich most studio films. Many indie films have enjoyed extensive coverage and popularity among lots of viewers over the years. Some indie films are American beauty, the breakfast club, the perks of being a wallflower, factory girl, and many more.

Why Indie films Are Still Being Produced

Indie films are still in production and circulation due to the entertaining, teaching, and therapeutic effects they exert on the body and mind. Also, the films are produced with smaller budgets which encourage many film producers. No major permission, either from the mainstream studio or a higher authority is required before indie films are produced. Therefore, it’s easier to produce indie films without going through the typical rigors of qualifying for the film’s production. Indie films differ primarily from studio films in content, style, and budget, and this has encouraged many folks to venture into its production.

Amazing Benefits of Indie Films

Indie films are loved and respected by many viewers worldwide due to the amazing benefits they offer. Here are some benefits of indie films:

Indie Films Promote Creative Freedom

Producers of indie films can think widely to carve out quality and rich scripts for their films due to the little or no censorship required for the production of the film. Indie films allow creative freedom for producers to express their creativity freely without having to be restricted by heavy demands and layouts. Unlike many studio films, indie films are regarded as “projects of passion,” and they’re therefore more specific, honest, and conscientious in dealing with sensitive issues that affect society.

Indie Films Encourage Unique and Thought-Provoking Stories

Many studio films are produced with the sole aim of making profits as opposed to indie films, driven by artistic vision. Indie films do recount to us the stories of human experiences and their relevance in our lives. Stories played out in indie films are usually captivating, gripping, unique, and motivating. The scripts behind indie films are borne out of burning passion by film producers to influence the world positively. Their stories fascinate us profoundly and make us feel emotions that make many studio films feel like they’re merely scratching the surface. Beautiful indie films like under the skin, hostiles, the spectacular, and others left us unforgettable memories that’ll forever remain fresh on our minds.

Indie Films Educate and Entertain Us About Socio-Political Issues in the Society

Detroit (2017) and spotlight (2015) are few of many indie films based on critical real-life events that help to teach and entertain us about socio-political issues in our society. Indie films produce quality content and actions which can shock, amaze, excite, and make you take a second look at your world. Remarkable comments from many viewers of indie films around the world abound. The film is referred to as educational and entertaining.

Indie Films Provide Numerous Opportunities and Connections.

Indie films are screened at local, national, or international film festivals before distribution. Events such as film festivals offer excellent opportunities for producers, actors, and viewers to meet and connect, establishing long-lasting relationships. Also, many actors have been brought to limelight due to their involvement in indie films. For example, Quentin Tarantino wouldn’t have been highly recognized without the Cannes film festival, where he won Palm d’Or for pulp fiction in 1944. Indie actors like Ben Affleck in silent bob’s series and Ellen Page in Juno were famous due to their active involvement in indie films.


Saying indie films are exceptional will be an understatement. There’re many opportunities that indie films render. We should, therefore, encourage more production of indie films by attending film festivals, and visiting independently-funded cinemas.

There are no doubts that in thousands of years to come, indie films will still exist. And they’ll be more accessible, more enriching, and more acceptable than they are present.