Tips For Decorating Your Indie Studio For A Modern Touch

The look or appearance of your indie studio is critical in creating a good first impression in your clients, especially those walking in for the first time.

Your business is a true reflection of you.


Make sure it reflects exactly who you are in terms of preferences and personality. Your indie studio should be as unique as you.

The manner in which you present your indie studio also reflects your expertise. Therefore, take time to design your business space thoughtfully.

If you’re new to the business or simply want to give your space a new look but don’t know how, you’ll find this article useful. Here’re a few interior décor tips to help you plan and decorate your indie studio:

13 Tips to Design and Decorate the Interior Space of Your Modern Indie Studio

  • Invest in hidden storage

When buying furniture, opt for multifunctional designs for versatile use, especially if you’ve got small space. For instance, a multi-functional table would make great use of compact space.

Opt for multi-colored suitcases in a vintage finish to stuff things inside for storage reasons. You can also use it simultaneously as a side table.

  • Allow natural light inside

Install spacious windows in your studio to let in natural light. If your space is small, it’ll look more spacious and welcoming. This is good for creating a good impression when customers walk into your studio.

  • Add your favorite plants

Get some indoor plants to revamp your space with a natural touch. The plants enhance the appeal of your indoor space, atop making it comfortable.

Moreover, plants are known to purify the air, releasing more oxygen into your interior space.

However, make sure you water the plants daily and wipe the leaves clean with a soft, clean cloth. Position them near windows where they can access sunlight for growth.

  • Paint the Ceiling White

You can give the ceiling a white finish to create height for low ceilings. The white paint will reflect light to make your studio feel more airy and spacious.

  • Install floating shelves on the walls

Every indie studio requires enough storage space for organization purposes. Install floating shelves on your walls to display your items. The shelves will hold your items for ease of access while eliminating clutter from your studio.

If you’re an avid Ping Pong player, you can display your gaming accessories for a personal touch. Display different paddle choices when not gaming to give your studio a unique appeal.

You can consider paddles from if you have a few gaming accessories or none but want something to display on your floating shelves.

The shelves also add character to your interior space. You can paint the shelves in a bold hue to add color to your walls for a contrasting look.

You can also install small cabinets above other furniture for added storage space. Your space will look clean and neat.

  • Add pops of color for a bold look

Instead of painting your entire studio walls in a monochromatic color, add pops of color to give it some personality. You can paint bold colors on some walls to add life to your studio.

For instance, all walls could be in white except for a wall or two in your favorite bold hue. Alternatively, you can add pops of color in accents such as throw pillows, plants, framed art, rugs, and collectibles or upholstery for an appealing look.

Your space won’t just have a simple, clean and minimalist look, but also express boldness. Pops of color can spark inspiration and motivate your employees to perform better.

  • Paint your walls white

Instead of painting the ceiling white, you can give your walls a white finish. White walls will open up your space, making it feel more spacious than it actually is in reality.

It’s important for your indie studio to feel open and spacious. Otherwise, customers will feel congested when visiting your business place.

What’s more, a white background makes it easy to change to a different color of choice anytime in the future. You can easily apply a bold color later on as you deem fit.

  • Opt for foldable items

Find foldable tables, beds (if you spend more time in your studio in the night), desks or any other type of furniture. You can easily fold such items and keep them away when not in use and set them up if need arises.

Foldable items come in compact collapsible designs to help create space in small indie studios.

  • Paint your walls in bold colors

You can also paint your walls in bold colors if you find white boring. A dark, broody color with a playful side can add life to your walls and the entire studio. This is also a great way to reflect your bold personality in your space.

  • Fit ceiling to floor length curtains

Another way to make your low ceiling appear high is the use of long curtains. Long curtains run from the ceiling to the floor, making your ceiling appear higher. This is great for studios with smaller space.

  • Use a wall divider or curtains

You can use curtains as room dividers to add an extra room in your studio. You can easily hide clutter from view, especially when there’s no time to tidy up and visitors can walk in at any time.

Instead of curtains, you can buy a wall divider that doubles as a storage unit for versatile use.

  • Add a single, large piece of furniture

Lots of furniture can easily make your indie studio look messy and cluttered. However, you can add one or two pieces of furniture to create more open spaces. This will make your space seem larger and minimalist.

  • Hang mirrors on the walls

Mirrors reflect light to make your space appear larger and brighter. Cool, on-trend mirrors are also attractive and can add pops of color inside. Furthermore, mirrors can reflect your artwork on opposite walls for added appeal.


With the right tips, you can easily decorate your indie studio for enhanced appeal. An attractive studio creates a good first impression in the eyes of your guests