6 Forms of Entertainment to Include in Your Indie Studio

Indie music and films have evolved over the years to take various forms. Derived from the term “independent”, indie is a record label that operates independent from mainstream commercial record companies.

Today, it’s often referred to as:

  • Indie-folk
  • Indie-rock
  • Indie-hip-hop
  • Indie-dance
  • Indie-classical

The history of indie music and film dates back to the 50s and 60s, even before the era of UK’s iconic labels of post-punk music such as Creation and Rough Trade.

Indie songs and films are created and produced by individuals or a small team of people without outsourcing funds from prominent and established producers.

Whether you’re having breaks in-between productions or just hanging around your indie studio, you can keep yourself busy and entertained. Entertainment can help motivate your team and improve your productivity.

Too much work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Here’re a few ways you can keep visitors and friends entertained and engaged in your indie studio:

  • Racquet-based games
  • Music
  • Television
  • Artwork
  • Board Games
  • Computer Games

6 Ways to Offer Entertainment to Visitors and Friends in Your Indie Studio

  • Racquet-based indoor games
  • You can setup your indie studio for racquet-based indoor games. Playing games is fun, and stress relieving. You and your team get to be active, in turn boosting your morale, productivity and health.

    Indoor games allow you to be active and have fun in a comfortable and controlled environment. In this case, your studio.

    There are various forms of indoor games you can play. As an example, Ping Pong is a popular indoor game that’s also known as table tennis.

    You’ll have to get racquets, a ball and a table with a net cutting across the center of the tabletop. But, if you prefer a folding ping pong table, your team will be able to use it in any part of the studio or even take it outside.

    Each team is required to hit the ball over the net to the opponent side. This highly engaging game is perfect for your team to relax in the evening after a day of producing music or films in your studio.

    Other racquet-based indoor games to consider include badminton and lawn tennis.

    • Music and films

    Music and films are a great form of entertainment. You can listen to music or sing along to your favorite tunes.

    Your team can play your own indie music or watch your own film productions during breaks. This makes for a great pastime for your production team.

    At the same time, you get to determine what needs correction in your indie film or music productions.

    Alternatively, your team can play games or work while listening to music. This adds to the psyche of working and acts as a pressure reliever. It can also help your team focus on what they’re doing at any given time.

    • Television

    Setup TV screens in your indie studio for entertainment purposes. It can engage both your team and customers, atop giving your space a modern touch. You can use your television to show movies, news, TV shows, or music videos.

    It’s also a perfect platform for making presentations. Your team can even watch news during breaks. However, this form of entertainment isn’t ideal when your team is working because it can cause disruptions.

    Opt for smart TVs for energy efficiency and enhanced functionality. The amount of space available in your studio determines the right size and number of TVs you can install.

    • Artwork

    Works of art are amazing to look at. They have hidden meanings, and relay all kinds of messages. Some people find it entertaining to glance at and observe artworks.

    Invest in high quality artwork you can hang or install in strategic positions on your studio walls to communicate your company culture. They’ll attract the attention of your guests and let them get lost in a world of amazing paintwork, beadwork, drawing or mosaic work.

    • Board games

    Board games are entertaining and mind developing. They include:

    • Chess
    • Monopoly
    • Scrabble

    Any board game can engage your mind and that of your team, helping them relieve stress and tension from a busy day.

    • Computer games

    Computer games are also an excellent form of entertainment to include in your indie studio. The choice of the game to install on your computer is yours. It also depends on your teams’ preferences.

    Diverse in nature and user-friendly, computer games are popular among people of all ages and walks of life. Your team or most of it is bound to enjoy playing the games during their free time.


    Indie studios are independent. With a history dating back hundreds of years ago, indie music and films are educational and popular.

    They’ve taken various forms over the years. And, you can keep your indie production team or guests to your studio engaged and entertained as discussed in this article.